302: Costumes

October 31, 2014 We had a couple of Jedis, a princess, and a monkey hanging around our house today as they prepared to bounce from house to house this evening collecting candy from our neighbours.

Wild One

301: Wild One

October 30, 2014 Deacon is just so wild some days; most days in fact.


300: Helium

October 29, 2014 The kids got these balloons on Monday, yet they're still going strong somehow. I have no idea how they haven't shrivelled up yet. Maybe it's the giant smiley faces they gave them.


299: Jumping

October 28, 2014 While Bailey was having fun jumping around, Deacon thought it would be funny to rub his belly behind her.

Balloon Fun

298: Balloon Fun

October 27, 2014 The kids got some balloons today and were having a great time playing around with them at home on the landing.

Fun Together

297: Fun Together

October 26, 2014 It's great when you see your biggest and littlest kids having fun playing together.

Bus Ride

296: Bus Ride

October 25, 2014 The kids went on their very first City Bus ride today. We decided to try out the bus today to go check out the dinosaur fossils at the Geology Building at the University since the buses are free until the end of October.


295: Buzz

October 24, 2014 They boys all got their favorite haircuts: the buzz.


294: Smiley

October 23, 2014 Bailey was super smiley when she got to take a look inside our new house again today.


293: Oiler

October 22, 2014 Even though he has no clue about hockey, Deacon loves to wear his Oilers jersey.