270: Airplanes

September 29, 2014 The boys decided it would be fun to build paper airplanes and have plane battles.

The Word of God

269: The Word of God

September 28, 2014 The Bible is more than just a book. In it I find hope, I find rest, I find beauty as I'm pointed over and over again to my saviour, Jesus who loves me immensely as evidenced by His sacrificial death in my place only to be outdone by His resurrection to defeat our enemies of death and eternal destruction on my behalf.


268: Ball

September 27, 2014 Even though it was cold out, the boys still wanted to play baseball outside. I think we lasted about 20 mins before it felt too cold to continue.

Back Home

267: Back Home

September 26, 2014 After a long hard week away, it was nice to be back home with these precious little kids again.

Assessment Centre

264: Assessment Centre

September 23, 2014 This was the building that was used as our assessment centre for this week. I know it's not a great picture, but there wasn't much time for pictures today since it was packed so tight.


263: Calgary

September 22, 2014 We made it to Calgary safe and sound, all ready for our church planting assessments to begin tomorrow.

Our Kiddos

262: Our Kiddos

September 21, 2014 I love these sweet kids so much. We're going to miss them this next week, but they're in good hands.

Lego Theatre

261: Lego Theatre

September 20, 2014 The boys worked so hard to build this Lego theatre complete with projector, popcorn stand, and even a janitor sweeping up the garbage.


260: Spidey

September 19, 2014 This little boy is starting to look not so little in his spidey jammies.


259: Drawing

September 18, 2014 I like encouraging the kids love for drawing. I hope they continue to build their art skills.