321: View

November 19, 2014 We got quite an incredible view of the harbour from our hotel room.

C2C Retreat

320: C2C Retreat

November 19, 2014 It's been great to get a chance to connect with other church planters and pastors at the retreat to hear what's going on in church plants throughout Canada.


319: Empress

November 17, 2014 We made it to Victoria, and are staying at the Empress Hotel, no less. Thank you C2C!


318: Tori

November 16, 2014 Tori was astounding us all as she started playing the Peanuts Christmas song, 'Linus and Lucy'.


317: Boxes

November 15, 2014 I might be taking a lot of pictures of boxes in the coming days and weeks ahead. This is our life right now.


316: Veggies

November 14, 2014 It's nice to see the kids excited about veggies again.

Glory Boys

315: Glory Boys

November 13, 2014 The kids are having fun with these Glory Boys cutouts. They're like little action figures.


314: Stripes

November 12, 2014 It's a good thing that Wyatt still likes and fits into his stripey winter jacket from last year.


313: Boots

November 11, 2014 Now that there's snow on the ground, the boots have come out and are constantly blocking the floor mat by the entrance.


312: Budgeting

November 10, 2014 Markus is getting quite quick at doing up his budgets. Hopefully he can find a new flyer job soon after we move, so he doesn't lose the habit.