078: Swimmer

March 23, 2015 This little swimmer finished his last swimming lesson for the season. Way to go Deacon!


077: Deals

March 22, 2015 I love getting 50% off deals at the grocery store!

Lego Pile

076: Lego Pile

March 21, 2015 It seems the hardest part about playing with lego is having to pile it up after to clean it up.

Lensless Glasses

075: Lensless Glasses

March 20, 2015 The kids just love wearing these lensless glasses that they got from the Theatre.

Nancy Drew Birthday

074: Nancy Drew Birthday

March 19, 2015 Thanks to Mom keeping her eye out at the thrift stores, we were able to help give Kim a boost to get her closer to completing her Nancy Drew collection.

Little Reader

073: Little Reader

March 18, 2015 Bailey can't quite read super well yet, but she still loves looking at books.

Dog Stuffy

072: Dog Stuffy

March 17, 2015 No real St. Patrick's day celebrations around here today. The kids played with their stuffies before bed.

Cutting Paper

071: Cutting Paper

March 16, 2015 For some reason, Deacon thinks cutting paper is one of the funnest things to do in the house.

Nine Years Old

070: Nine Years Old

March 15, 2015 Our Markus turned nine years old today. This smart, charming young man really is growing up.

Mythical Cake

069: Mythical Cake

March 14, 2015 Kim baked Markus a delicious carrot cake with a "Good Mythical Morning" theme for Markus' birthday.