Lego Time

258: Lego Time

September 17, 2014 Wyatt just loves to spend time playing lego.


257: Relaxed

September 16, 2014 There's a time when it's nice to have the kids tired, relaxed, and ready for bed.

Wild One

256: Wild One

September 15, 2014 Deacon is by far the wildest of all our kids. So much so, that just minutes after this picture was taken, he went and got his bike and walked towards the slide declaring, "I'm just going to take my bike down the slide." Hopefully it is needless to say that we didn't allow him to.


255: Pumpkins

September 14, 2014 It's neat to have pumpkins in the house as decoration. It helps fall feel more inviting.

Carrot Flower

254: Carrot Flowers

September 13, 2014 I had no idea carrots could produce such beautiful flowers.

Cheesy Smiles

253: Cheesy Smiles

September 12, 2014 Sometimes the kids just love to give the camera a big cheesy smile.

Sugar Treat

252: Sugar Treat

September 11, 2014 It's amazing how candy can turn kids into zombies focused on nothing else. Even though it was shaped like an ice cream cone, this treat pretty much tasted like chemicals and sugar.


251: Goofball

September 10, 2014 It seems Wednesdays are Markus's favorite day to goof around, since he's always goofiest at piano lessons.

Giant Zucchini

250: Giant Zucchini

September 9, 2014 Kim picked out this giant zucchini from her garden today. It's the size of a small pumpkin.

Steamed Moo

249: Steamed Moo

September 8, 2014 Wyatt figured it was about time the kids shared in some steamed milk together.