294: Smiley

October 23, 2014 Bailey was super smiley when she got to take a look inside our new house again today.


293: Oiler

October 22, 2014 Even though he has no clue about hockey, Deacon loves to wear his Oilers jersey.


292: Sold

October 21, 2014 Our house sale had all the conditions removed today, so our house is now officially sold!

Exploring Together

291: Exploring Together

October 20, 2014 Markus and Wyatt are having fun exploring the Lego catalog together as they dream of what kind of lego creations they could build.

The Colour of Art

290: The Colour of Art

October 19, 2014 Bailey got to paint this picture titled, "The Colour of Art" at her friend Avery's birthday party today.

Flyer Boy

289: Flyer Boy

October 18, 2014 Markus and I had a great time doing flyers tonight. It's so nice to have a warm October evening with clear skies to be able to see the stars.

New House

288: New House

October 17, 2014 We bought a new house in Warman today! We'll be moving in November, as we prepare to launch a second service of Grace Fellowship in Warman in the new year.

Legends Centre

287: Legends Centre

October 16, 2014 I was scoping out the Legends Centre to shoot some video for our church.

Glow Lazers

286: Glow Lazers

October 15, 2014 Markus was excited to get these glow lazers from the treat box at piano lessons.


285: Watching

October 14, 2014 Wyatt looked comfortable lounging on the chair watching the Bernstein Bears.